Welcome to the virtual Home of the Kummrow Family

We know that Kummrows live in the several parts of the world, for example in the southeast of Australia, in the north of the US, in Switzerland and as well in Brazil. Their mother tongues are Portugese, English and German. I am sorry that we can’t offer a complete translation of this site – it’s much too big for that. But let me try to answer some frequently asked questions:

Are we related?

We have tried to answer this question several times in the past years. So for example with the Kummrows in Minnesota or Wisconsin in the US or with the one Kummrow family in Switzerland. Since now we where not able to build the links between the family trees. But: Because of the small number of Kummrows all over the world, the feasibility seems to be very high, that we are related “over ten edges”, as we would call it in Germany. Have a look at the photos within this website and make your own decision. Another hint: All I learnt to know in the past years where brave, happy and positively looking ahead.

Do we have a Family Tree?

Yes, we have already built a family tree, going back to the 16th century. But only for our family line. You can ask for it and have a look, if you can match to it. Write a mail to joachim@kummrow.org“>Joachim.

Do we have a Family Crest?

I am sorry, but there is none till now. In Germany only aristrocatic families had one. If you want to design one, you can do it by your own. Here are some hints: If you think, Pommerania is the ancestry of your family, use the blue and white flag with the gryphon on it as a basis. In our family the forefathers where farmers and carpenters. So spikes or a plough may be good components. Please send your draft to me, joachim@kummrow.org“>Joachim.

Do we have a Family Gathering?

Yes and no. In the US the H.A. Kummrow Family has its own gathering. In 2011 it was the 30th. In Germany we do not have a comparable event. But we are open for every good idea!

And finally…

If you are looking for any other answer or if you want to add or to delete any information
in this website don’t hesitate to ask the webmaster in any language you prefer: Joachim is
looking forward to your contact.